Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why should I build to Connect?

Building and maintaining an API is time consuming and resource intensive. Connect eliminates the need for device and app developers to build and maintain their own API and provides tools and resources to help them build new relationships with Validic customers who include some of the largest healthcare, pharma, wellness and fitness companies in the world.

What’s the difference between a partner and a customer?

Validic considers a partner someone who is typically a device or app supplier and wants to share their data with Validic “customers”. Validic considers a “customer” a consumer of our API or anyone who wants to consume data from the over 250 device and app integrations in the Validic ecosystem.

Can I be a partner and a customer?

Absolutely. Many times there is a strong use case for a partner who wants to share their data with Validic customers and also consume data from other partners.

Can you provide me with a basic understanding of how Connect works?

Connect allows device and app developers to map their data directly to the Connect API. Validic standardizes, normalizes and de-identifies the data so Validic customers can easily consume the data with one simple connection.

Each customer organization has a customizable marketplace that includes the apps they want their users to share data from. If a user in that customer organization wants to share their data from your app, they will connect to your app in the marketplace. Once they choose to connect to your app they will be redirected to the authorization page you build and the user can authorize data to be shared.

After authorization the user is redirected back to the marketplace and data from your app or device will be shared with the customer using Validic standard data objects. Data will continue to be sent until the user disconnects from your app in the customer marketplace. For more information, apply to Connect and we will be happy to discuss.

How long does it take to build to the Connect API?

On average it takes 40-60 hours depending on the level and experience of the developer.

How do I get started building my integration to Connect?

The first step is to apply to join Connect. After your app or device has been approved, you will receive an email with next steps that includes a link to activate your account. We provide a detailed “getting started” section after you create your account. Additionally, you can schedule a quick kickoff call/demo with a member of our product team once approved if needed.

After I have completed my integration what happens next?

Once your integration is completed and you feel confident that it has been thoroughly tested, click the “submit for review” button on your dashboard. Our product team will be notified, and our QA team will begin testing and reviewing your integration.

Once your integration has been verified and approved by our engineers (1-2 weeks), it will then become available to Validic customers. In addition the Connect Portal[link] will continue to provide you with tools and resources needed to build lasting relationships with Validic customers. During the first 90 days of your integration being live you will also have a dedicated partner account manager to answer any questions, and to help provide initial introductions to customers who are interested in your product.

Validic offers additional account services to help provide additional engagement and partner opportunities. Please contact our partner accounts team for more information.

What type of customers does Validic primarily serve?

Our customers include large corporate wellness providers, Health IT companies, Clinical Research organizations, health and fitness startups and sport related organizations.

What if I have a partner or customer that I want to share data with but they are not already a Validic customer?

With Connect you can use the same API you push data to Validic customers to share data with customers who are not part of the Validic ecosystem. If you have a partner or customer that you would like to share data with please contact us to learn more.

Data/Tech Questions

What type of data can I send through Validic?

Validic has multiple endpoints to map your data to, so our Validic customers can easily consume the data. For more information on our standard endpoints and how to map your data please see our documentation.

What if I have data that doesn’t map to any of your endpoints?

Connect provides partners with the ability to send custom data that doesn’t map to our standard endpoints. For more information on how to send data that doesn’t map to our standard objects visit our documentation. Is there a limit on the amount of data we can send? Validic does not currently have a rate limit for the amount of data you can send.

Portal Questions

Do you provide any performance indicators to help me better understand my product’s success?

After being accepted as a Validic Partner you will be provided a dashboard where you can view key performance indicators on how each of your products is performing. This will help you measure the success of your integration and engage with our team on ways to help improve your traction with Validic customers.

What tools are provided to help me test my integration?

Validic provides a toolbox to help you quickly test your integration. These tools provide you with the ability to test your authorization workflow and ensure you are seeing expected behavior when you send data to Validic. For more information on our toolbox please see our documentation.

I have a staging and development environment can I create additional “apps” to test with before we go “live” with our production app?

You can create multiple apps for the same integration to provide additional testing environments before you release your app to production. For more information review our documentation on adding a new app.

If I have suggestions or feedback who can I contact?

We encourage feedback and suggestions as it is how we build a better product and experience for our partners. You can contact directly with questions and suggestions.